Coconut Oil Uses, Benefits & Hair Mask

coconut oil is my favourite oil to cook with & it’s probably the healthiest.

it has so many uses & benefits including:
– nourishing your body with healthy fats
– it’s an imediate source of energy when consumed & isn’t stored as fat
– use in cooking & baking to replace unhealthy oils such as vegetable oil
– easy to digest & aids with digestion
– boosts the immune system
– boosts metabolism & a fast metabolism helps boost immunity and helps keep weight off
– has a high smoke point which makes it safe to cook in high temperatures
– can be used as a skin moisturiser
– used as a natural lip balm
+ so many more!

another use is as a natural, super nourishing hair mask. i like to pop some in my hair on a sunday afternoon while i’m doing some chores or prepping food for the upcoming work week.

simply just warm up some coconut oil in your hands {the amount differ with hair length & thickness. i used about 1tsp – my hair being quite thick & medium length}
spread the majority of it through the ends of your hair & then what is remaining on your hands – spread that further up.
leave in as long as you can, you can even leave it in overnight.
rinse & wash hair as per usual.


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