Easy Vegetarian Dinner – Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes, one of my favourite foods!
They’re super good for you being rich in vitamin B6, A, E & C, manganese & potassium.
Contributing to healthy hair, skin & eyes. Along with maintaining a healthy heart, brain & central nervous system.


– wrap an unpeeled, whole sweet potato in aluminuim foil, poke some holes in it with a fork & place on a baking tray & pop into the oven on 190° for about 30-40 minutes {cooking time will depend on size of sweet potato, mine was quite small}
tip: poke with a metal skewer to test if it’s cooked through – it should be soft.
– when it’s cooked, remove from the oven, unwrap foil & set aside to cool and to prep the topping.
– i cook 1/2 can of rinsed chickpeas in a pan with a spray of coconut oil and a sprinkle of cumin, paprika & garlic powder ensuring chickpeas as covered quite well. stir for 2 minutes
– add 1 large sliced mushroom & let that cook for another minute
– add a few halved cherry tomatoes & a handful of spinach. remove from heat when spinach has wilted.
– slice the baked sweet potato in the middle & add the filling to the top.

quick, simple & delicious while getting lots of nutrients 👌

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