Simple Vegan Banana Icecream (Nicecream/Nanaicecream)


Incase you are wondering how to whip up a super easy, 100% healthy, sugar & dairy free icecream treat. Here is how you do so:

For one serving pop two frozen bananas in a food processor with a splash of water or dairy free milk or choice and blend.
Please note to hold onto your machine for that first blend as the bananas will bang around a whole lot!
Blend until smooth adding more liquid if needed, but you wont need too much at all.
Serve once smooth! You’ll be surprised with the texture as it’s quite fluffy & light!
You can blend in other frozen fruits (eg. berries ect.) or superfoods such as chia seeds, cacao powder or some pure nut butter to change up the flavours.

You must try this super healthy, guilt free dessert (or breakfast!)

2 thoughts on “Simple Vegan Banana Icecream (Nicecream/Nanaicecream)

  1. Looks like you have a ninja blender šŸ™‚ I just got one for christmas. So far I have tried the nice cream with cocoa powder and almond milk, one with vanilla extract & cinnamon, and one with blueberries. The cocoa one was my favorite, but the vanilla/cinnamon was the BF’s favorite!


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