Oven Roasted Spiced Chickpeas


Chickpeas are one of my staple foods. They’re a source of protein, iron & fibre and are super versatile. You’ll notice i use/eat them alot!
Roasted chickpeas are a fabulous snack to eat with dinner, on the go, at the movies, watching tv or if you just need something filling & nutritious!

● preheat oven to 200°C
● rinse 1 can of chickpeas well.
● lay them out to dry on a tea towel or paper towel – i skip this step sometimes if i’m lazy. drying them out just makes them a big crispier.
● put them in a bowl with some spices – my favourites are paprika & cumin with a dash of garlic powder & tumeric.
● combine the chickpeas & the spices together making sure they are covered well.
● line a baking tray with baking paper & spread the chickpeas out evenly.
● bake for 20 minutes then mess them up a bit to move them around & pop them in for another 10 minutes or until crispy

4 thoughts on “Oven Roasted Spiced Chickpeas

  1. So – they have these chickpeas that you can buy in the store but its like $4 a bag for just a handful! This looks far more efficient and cost effective. And then you can put your own spices on it. I wonder if other beans would mix well too. Thanks!


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