Naked Seeds Pancake Mix


Okay, so we all love healthy pancakes riiiight?
But sometimes they can take a while to prepare & cook. Naked Seeds have a pre-packaged mix that contains no nasties, gluten, sugar or white flours and it’s vegan if you use a vegan egg replacer. It even contains some superfoods for extra goodness – maca powder & chia seeds!

The packaging is stunning & I found they cooked quickly, were easy to flip & they were filling!

Another thing – they’re super simple to make! The instructions are on the back of the packaging – you just have to add some water & an egg to the powdered batter, stir well & cook in a pan leaving you with some guilt-free nutritious pancakes that you can top with whatever you please!


The perfect healthy breakfast treat!

instagram: @nakedseedsco

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