skincare is something i’ve been into for longer then keeping fit & eating well!
my mum has eczema so she looked after my skin since i was a baby because she wanted to be sure my skin was well looked after. she also taught me about skincare in my early teens & purchased cleansers, moisturisers ans exfoliators and i have been following a regeime since then.

i cleanse daily with a liquid cleanser in the shower. twice a week i use an exfoliating scrub, usually falling in with the two days i wash my hair. after my shower i moisturise.
on my work days the only makeup i wear is garnier BB cream, which i highly recommend! it’s really light and blends in perfectly with my skin adding colour to my face but still looking natural. i also wear about 2-3 coats of mascara. my favourite one which my mum & i swear by is covergirl lash blast fusion! i have short lashes and this mascara provides amazing length and thickness while still being smooth.
before bed i use a face wipe & apply some night cream.
i use a face mask twice a week also, at the moment i’m using formula 10.0.6.
i only wear a full face of makeup once on the weekends, depending on what’s on.

i moisturise my entire body after my shower ans exfoliate with either a scrub or dry bodybrush 2 – 3 times a week. my favourite body scrubs are frank coffee scrub (IG: @frank_bod) & nuditeaco green tea scrub (IG: @nuditeaco) both made with natural, cruelty free ingredients. dry body brushing can be done daily as it promotes bloodflow to ward off cellulite & removes dead skin cells. exfoliating regularly assures that the moisturiser you apply is absorbed efficiently.


the facecare products i am currently using is rosehip plus (IG: @rosehipplus) it’s an australian company which uses organic & natural ingredients and it’s also cruelty free! i have the day cream, night cream & rosehip oil which i apply before the creams. i find it really light and refreshing and doesn’t leave an oily-film on my skin. you only need to use a tiny amount of product because it spreads really well! i’d definitely recommend the rosehip plus range.


some skincare tips & hints:
– wash make up brushes regularly. (i should do this more often myself!) i just wash mine in warm soapy water and leave on the bench for 1 – 2 days on a towel to dry completely.
– change your sheets regularly. dirty pillows do not make clear skin!
– drink lemon water in the morning
– keep well hydrated
– follow a skincare regeime
– avoid touching your face throughout the day
– avoid picking & popping pimples
– apply eucalyptus oil to dry out pimples
– i use sorbolene cream as shaving cream (another mum tip!) it’s cost effective & works wonders!
– coconut oil is a great natural skincare product, i often use it as handcream & sometimes lip balm

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