Humans Are Herbivores

Even though society has trained us to think we are omnivores, we in fact are not.
REAL carnivores (and omnivores – meat & plant eaters) can eat RAW animal flesh, internal organs, brains, eyes, skin & fur.
we, as humans cannot because we will become ill.
before fire & tools, humans were just plant eaters because they would gather their food, not hunt it… as, of course, it is unsafe for humans to eat raw flesh.
our teeth are flat, like herbivores. not sharp and pointed like carnivores & omnivores.
our colon is long & complex, like a herbivore. not simple and short, like carnivores & omnivores.
our nails are flattened, like herbivores. not sharp  claws, like carnivores and omnivores.
the length of our intestines are 10-11 times our body length, and herbivores intestines are 10-12+ their body length. carnivores intestines are 3-6 time their body length & omnivores are 4-6 times.
our saliva has carbohydrate digesting enzymes, like herbivores and both carnivores & omnivores have no digestive enzymes in their saliva.
by killing and consuming the animals, we are in turn killing ourselves with the cholesterol & saturated fat their flesh contains and it promotes disease because of the acidic environment it creates inside our body. talk about karma!

so tell me again, why are we “supposed” to eat animals?! ✌❤🐄🌎 #govegan

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