The Truth Behind Cows Milk

i honestly never knew this, and i’m sure many of you still didn’t, but cows don’t just magically create milk their entire lives. they’re not a milk-making machine.
cows produce milk for the same reason as humans… to nourish their babies.
factory farms artificially inseminate the cows and when the calves are born, they are torn away from their mothers the day they are born so the calves can’t “steal” the milk they wish to sell. this causes distress for both of the animals. gary yourofski, who has gone behind the scenes in factory farms, fur factories ect. said that the worst scream he has heard is from a mother cow crying for her baby.
imagine a human mother giving birth to her child that she thought would be hers for a lifetime and having it taken away by strangers?
if the calf is a female, she’ll have the same fate as her mother & will be used for milk and if it is a boy, he’ll be used for veal and slaughtered after a few months of life spent in shocking conditions.

cows are supposed to live for 20 years but many dairy cows only live for 5 due to being overworked. their meat is usually what is used for minced meat & other processed goods as the animals are so worn, the meat is of “low quality”.

are you a meat eater or vegetarian but feel as if you can’t go vegan because you can’t give up cheese?
the reason you may be so addicted to cheese is because cows milk is supposed to be addictive for baby cows because they need it do grow and that’s also why it’s so full of fat, protein & hormones.. to grow a 35kg calf into a 450kg cow.
cow’s milk is also known to cause cancers such as testicular, breast & prostate cancers and it raises cholesterol levels.
lots of people struggle with digesting dairy which, to me, is just another clue that we shouldn’t be consuming cows milk.

so please be considerate with what milk you are adding to your cereal & coffees, the yoghurt you are adding your muesli too & the cheese on your sandwhich or that is sprinkled on your pizza.

go for oat, soy, rice, coconut or nut milks & there are vegan cheeses available too for purchase or to make yourself.

but what about calcium?! cow’s milk is detrimental to your health & your calcium levels. your body thrives on an alkaline diet and cow’s milk is acidic. for your body to return to an alkaline environment it draws the calcium out from your bones and teeth! this can cause all sorts of bone issues such as athritis.
source your calcium from these instead, which all also contain a wide variety of other nutrients as well: kale, blackstrap molasses, tempeh, collard greens, tahini, almond butter, soybeans, broccoli, fennel, blackberries, black currants, oranges, dried apricots, figs, dates.
#govegan ✌🌏🚫🐮

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