Organic & Free Range Meat & Dairy?

Oragnic & Free Range Meat & Eggs are no better or more ethical than the standard meat and eggs.

Many farms still pack thousands of animals onto their lots to increase profits and many free range animals don’t actually see the light of day as the regulations are to just “have access” not actually requiring the animals to spend certain amounts of time outside.
Sometimes, for example, chickens used for their meat are overfed to the point of being unable to actually move and re-locate themselves to their so called “outdoor access”.
The farms still partake in the same inhumane torture as the standard factory farms such as dehorning, debeaking, branding, tails being cut off, rings put on their sensitive noses and castration, all without painkillers because medication wouldn’t class the animals as “organic”.
This means they also cannot vaccinate the cows against diseases and if the dairy cows’ udders become infected, they are left untreated.
Once the animals can’t be used for their bodily fluids and functions anymore and haven’t died yet from being over worked, they are shipped off in terrible conditions, with no water and food to be slaughtered just like any other.
there is nothing humane, holistic or healthy about the treatment and consumation of animal products, even when “organic” and “free range”.
The only thing that is organic is the food they ate. #govegan

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