Argo On the Parade, Adelaide – Review

Ask any health-conscious foodie from Adelaide some good places to dine out for breakfast or lunch and there is a 9/10 chance they’ll suggest Argo’s in Norwood.

Their menu is extensive with options for everyone – vegan, vegetarian, healthy, gluten free, ect. They offer burgers, salads, smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices, wraps, waffles, chips.. everything!


I’ve been here multiple times myself & it’s definitely on my favorites list when I’m looking to go out for lunch & meet with friends. Their “namaste” vegan burger with a chickpea patty and generous salads is a  favorite of mine and all the smoothies I’ve tried so far are epic!

Recently Argos started offering Cocowhip to their menu which is EPIC. It’s a healthy dairy free (vegan) ice cream made from coconut water… what-what!?! I know right. Addictive.


I wish to try their vegan waffles on my next trip there! They look amazing.

The cafe has a modern theme decor and, this is going to sound weird but, their toilets are super funky! So make sure you make a trip to the bathroom while you’re there.

The only downfall about this place being so popular is that it’s almost always packed to the brim with customers and sometimes you have to wait for a table.

Despite being so busy, the wait for food isn’t often long at all & the staff are usually pretty friendly!

I definitely recommend visiting Argo’s on the Parade in Norwood when you are in Adelaide. Maybe aim for a week day rather than a weekend as they are extra packed on weekends.

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