The Best Vegan Chocolate “Milks”

As a kid I was a huge milk beverage fan! Milk shakes, thick shakes, Milo, store bought carton flavoured milks! They all made me feel incredibly ill, as dairy does and now being vegan I am so happy to have found some amazing, dairy free & mostly healthy chocolate beverages to satisfy my cravings!

ps. These are all available in Australia, not sure about other countries.

#1 Cocobella Choc Almond Smoothie.

It’s main ingredient is coconut water – which makes it relatively low in fat, and yet it so creamy! Approved by vegans & non-vegans alike! You MUST try it out! I’ve only seen this available in Woolworths in the juice section. Super chocolate-y & creamy. You’ll struggle not to finish the entire litre in one sitting!

#2 Natural Raw C Chocolate Protein Coconut Water

Another Coconut water based chocolate beverage that tastes like chocolate milk! This one took me straight back to my days of having “Classic” Chocolate milks, except The Natural RawC one is so, so much healthier and lower in fat! Available at Coles & Woolworths in the water/coconut water section!

#3 Almond Breeze – Chocolate Flavour

This is super light & perfect to add to smoothies or on top of cereal (or to skull out the carton, no judging right!) Super great chocolate taste! I’ve also only seen these available at Woolworths but in the long life milk section. I’m pretty sure they have this brand in the US as well.


4 thoughts on “The Best Vegan Chocolate “Milks”

  1. I literally just had the entire 1 litre bottle of the choc almond smoothie and it is incredible! I am astonished that it is 90% coconut water with only a few other ingredients that are healthy! It is my new obsession right now haha. 🙂


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