Tropeaka Vegan Superfood & Protein Powders – Review

Recently Tropeaka sent me some of their products to trial. I received some Superfood blends & protein powders. I was delighted to find out that they were a fully vegan company and I was happy to support them as I love supporting people, companies and brands whose views match mine. Creating a world where vegan options are widely available is definitely something I’d love to see spread world-wide. I can already see the vegan message and lifestyle spreading and becoming more popular and it’s amazing to see!

Tropeaka offers, as I mentioned earlier, a bunch of vegan friendly superfood powders and pea protein powders. I do not think these products are essential to a vegans diet or lifestyle as we can get all our nutrients and protein from plant basd sources, but I think they are great to jazz up smoothies and oatmeal and I personally do enjoy them!

My two favorites would be the Immunity blend that I add to my berry oatmeal and the Boost blend that I like to add to my chocolate oatmeal & smoothies.

Some of my favourite super foods are Maca Powder, which I use daily. Cacao Powder, which is superfood chocolate – so what more do I need to say, really? and Acai – a super delicious & nourishing berry powder to add to smoothies.




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