Cherry Darlings All-Vegan Bakehouse, Adelaide – Review

Vegan junk food heaven – Cherry Darlings in a nutshell!

Just a small bakery located on 5 Aloha Terrace in Forrestville across from the train station. There is some seating inside or you can get takeaway. What’s on offer is a variety of baked goods like cakes, donuts and brownies as well as “milk”shakes and savory pies. All cruelty free & 100% vegan!

Donuts are my weakness. They’re probably my favourite baked good ever since childhood. So when my boyfriend & visited late last year (2015), of course we had to get donuts! We ordered one each, an oreo one and from memory, the other was choc-caramel or something. We shared flavours, and they were both deeelicious! The amazing thing about vegan donuts is that they taste EXACTLY like non vegan donuts, 100%. My boyfriend also ordered a banana “milk”shake. He isn’t vegan, but it was so funny because I asked for a sip and he was like “Laiken, it’s a milk shake? It has milk in it” I had to explain to him it was soy milk and that the cafe was 100% vegan, haha. But the milkshake was great too. There is nothing better than drinking a milk shake and not feeling incredibly nauseas and disgusting afterwards! Vegan food is amazing and if you are into junk food and think vegans just eat lettuce, then you need to go to Cherry Darlings!


On my next visit I will definitely have to get a vegan pie!! They have such a large variety of  flavours and they look delicious!

I have only had one Cherry Darlings experience, but I WILL be back! I just don’t wish to over-indulge on junkier foods too often, so it is probably a good thing that I live about 40-50 minutes away from their location so I don’t over do it, haha. But it is hard to stay away!



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