What I Have Learnt About Romantic Relationships

Something that i have learnt is that when it
comes to being in a romantic relationship with somebody is that the effort you put in orginally should never fade.
Both people in the relationship always need to be trying to win the other. As soon as this stops, that’s when things deminish or lessen & things seem less fresh & exciting.

Always trying to mutually organise time together and relaying the questions “what do you wanna do?”, “i dunno… whatever”, instead of just going on a whim and being like, “hey! tomorrow night we’re going to have a nice day out and then we’ll go out for dinner to that thai place we’ve been wanting to try!”
Showing interest in spending time with your loved one is a huge key. Plan things that you know they’d enjoy, something you love & they’ve never done or try a new experience for you both. quality time together is crucial to keep the connection there and it’s so important to make time for it no matter how busy we get.

Don’t stop doing the little things.. affection and showing interest and appreciation doesn’t have to cost money. Small gestures often mean the world. Cook them a candle lit dinner at home, organise a romantic massage night, do dinner and a movie at home but make a thing of it, like pop some popcorn, turn the lights off ect., write small notes and leave them in places for them to find and make them smile like in their purse, work lunch, under the blanket on their side of the bed and even the smallest of small.. tell them they look gorgeous/hot today, give them hugs, forehead kisses, head scratches or back tickles. All of these things make people feel fuzzy inside and more of that is needed! Being thoughtful & kind is never wasted.

It sounds so simple, but why do so many of us make it so hard?

If you can tell that something is missing or wrong in the relationship, it is so important to address it. Don’t sit around and wait for your significant other to notice or change.. playing games achieve nothing and often makes things worse. Talk about it, work on it together! Don’t dwell on what they did wrong or didn’t do because you wont be able to move on and it won’t get better. It takes two people to build a solid relationship and you both need to be on the same page and working together.

Never stop trying to win the one you love & never abandon the little things as they are often actually big things. Make your partner feel special & appreciated and once you’re both on the same page, making the same effort, it’ll seem effortless and second nature.

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