My name is Laiken, I’m a 22 year old girl from Australia who is a lover of plant based food and living a healthy lifestyle.
Eating healthy & vegan doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Most fresh foods are cheaper then packaged, processed foods and it’s often cheaper to create your own healthier versions while knowing exactly what is in them.
I’m a lover of food and I love eating well, not only for the physical benefits but also for how it makes me feel. I’ve lived with some digestive problems since I was a child and I am also just doing some trial & error as to what works and what doesn’t.

I keep myself quite busy working 8.30AM – 5PM Monday – Friday but I still make time to exercise at the gym 4-6 days a week going at 5AM for about an hour every morning before work on weekdays and on occasion, going on the weekends.

I’ve made this blog to keep all the recipes I come up with and share on my instagram page @everydaysimplehealth, organised and in one place.
Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t upto “chef’s quality” or anything as I don’t have qualifications or much experience but it’s just what I come up with when I’m health-ifing old favourites, other people’s recipes or playing around in the kitchen and people often ask for the recipe 🙂

Email Contact: everydaysimplehealth@outlook.com

I have a post in the ‘Other’ category which includes more information about myself and my diet.

For a video about my diet story, check out my video on my YouTube Channel.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I follow you on Instagram and I’m sorry to hear about your constant tummy tumults. I suffered from a very bad colon irritable for a very long time and nothing seemed to help. One day I read about using antidepressants to overcome this. I know it doesn’t sound like the greatest option but I gave it a shot and tried them on a very low doses. I didn’t need to take them for a long time, 3 months perhaps, but they really really helped me. My whole digestion became much calmer and simply didn’t bother me too much any more. It felt like it was just overstressing and overthinking itself before and finally could take a break from its own ongoing uproar.
    My digestion is still very sensitive (especially today with period and all not very happy) but in general much better than before.
    You know a friend of mine ( who is a vegan) always says that she doesn’t like to think too much about what she can eat and what not and what might cause her troubles because she (or her tummy – the bigger brain) might actually start to believe it. Just give your stomach a break.
    I wish u all the best
    Sol 😉


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