Stress Less..

In today’s society it is so easy to become stressed out… all this rush, rush with deadlines and/or long hours at work, homework from UNI or school, fitting in time for chores, socialising with friends, partners & family and the list goes on!

Where do you fit in? Where is the time where you get to do something for you & only you?

Stress is incredibly toxic to the body. Stressing about food, boyfriends, your weight, work, friends, whether or not people like you, ect. Is not doing you any good at all!
Stress can cause health issues from something as basic as a headache through to digestive issues and onto much worse, serious things.
If things are causing you stress and aren’t necessary to have in your life, eg. Toxic relationships – Remove them! Sometimes you have to say goodbye to people who aren’t doing you any good. I have done this myself and trust me, it’s okay to do this! You should be surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good and bring you happiness.
If you are stressing about food and your weight – STOP because not only can stress contribute to weight gain, life is so much more than that! You are more than your physical appearance and food is there to fuel us and to be enjoyed. It is necessary for survival!
If work or study is really bringing you down and causing a lot of stress and making you exhausted, be sure to prioritise relaxing! I am a very busy person who loves to be productive and hates “wasting time” and I am currently teaching myself that it’s okay to relax. It’s okay to not be productive for a bit and just watch your favourite TV box set for a few hours, it’s okay to say no to a social occasion for you to have some time to yourself to chill out and it’s okay to take a day off from exercise if you are tired or sore or just because you don’t feel like it. It’s all 100% okay!
Of course we are all going to come across a stressful time in our lives but just make sure to make some time for you. Make you & your health a priority. You have to live with your brain & your body forever so look after them! Take some time out and do the things I mentioned or read a book, have a bath, paint your nails – pamper yourself! (And love yourself)

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