Caramel Slice – Vegan, Healthy, Refined Sugar Free & Gluten Free

A different, healthy take on the classic caramel slice that doesn’t take away any of deliciousness  but only the animal products and adds a kick of health!


Base Layer:

1 cup Oats (used GF oats for Gluten Free)
1 cup Dates (soaked prior)
1 cup almonds

Blend, adding splashes of water when necessary till the mixture holds well.

Press mixture well into a cling wrap lined baking tin and pop in the fridge while preparing your caramel layer.

Caramel Layer:

1 cup dates (soaked prior)
4-5 tbsp tahini
crack of salt

Blend well, add splashes of water when necessary to combine mixture.

Add to the baking tin and spread evenly onto the prepared slice base and pop it back into the fridge.

Chocolate Layer:

Melted chocolate. I used a chocolate making kit from Meraki & Co. but you could also melt down your favourite vegan chocolate and use that!

Pour on top of the caramel layer in the tin, making sure it covers well.

Store in the fridge until the top layer has hardened.

To serve, use a hot knife to cut the slices otherwise you’ll end up with a beautiful mess like I did… not that that’s a bad thing 😛


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