Vegan Food in Bali – Reviews & Recommendations

I visited Bali in April 2016 with my friend Mel. We stayed in Ubud and Seminyak. Bali has seriously amazing food for vegans and I needed to share it with you guys!!

So here is a list the places we visited and my thoughts on them:

Earth Cafe, Seminyak & Ubud

Two words –  vegan heaven. The menu is HUGE! Breakfast, lunch & dinner, dessert, Earth Cafe has you sorted! They also have a health store on premises too!

We made multiple visits to both locations while in Ubud and Seminyak. We ordered all sorts from the menu.

On the first visit to the Ubud location, I ordered the “Buckwheat Pancakes” which came with a side of fruit and syrup and their “Unwind and Relax” smoothie without the honey & I swapped the cashew milk for soy milk. The pancakes were different to any that I had before, but they were delicious nonetheless! The smoothie was great of course, it was simple dates, bananas & soy milk so you cannot go wrong.


The next trip I ordered the “Tofu Basil Spring Rolls” which came with a peanut dipping sauce and “The Almost Perfect Burrito” which has brown rice, black beans, tofu avocado, greens, salsa and a walnut pesto. The spring rolls were the best spring rolls I’ve ever eaten in my life. So fresh, so full of flavour and the peanut dipping sauce was incredible. The burrito was very flavoursome and satisfying (it was a struggle to finish after having the cold rolls as well, haha).



The following trip I ordered the “Nori Maki”with tempeh and veggies with brown rice and wrapped in nori and the “Veggie Burger” which came with sweet potato fries. Once again, the sushi was the best sushi I’ve ever had, it had so many little veggies crammed in which gave so much flavour! The burger was good too, but it was quite small.


The last trip we made was in the Seminyak cafe, we were in search for something sweet after dinner so we decided to try the “Balinese Black Rice Pudding”. We expected it to be sweet, but it wasn’t really, so we asked for some maple syrup to add, which we did and it was good!


I also made copious visits to buy kombucha!


Basically, what you can expect from Earth Cafe is super flavoursome, good value food served to you by friendly staff! A must visit when in Bali!

I wish they had a around-the-world franchise and that they were open in Australia, because I don’t think I’d ever get sick of that place!


View their website here.

Bali Buda, Ubud

Bali Buda is a health cafe, offering a few (mostly raw) vegan options.

I ordered the “Morning Glory” which was a combo of sweet potato, dates and banana with coconut milk poured over the top. EPIC combination!! I do recommend this one and even try making it at home. So simple, healthy & delicious!


My friend ordered the raw tropical fruit pie which she enjoyed. We had imagined a slice of raw “pie” but it was more of a tropical fruit stack with a cashew cream sauce on top. It was good nonetheless!

My two critiques would be that the portions were quite small and we also both ordered a cacao smoothie but there wasn’t much flavour to it.

Visit their website here.

Black Beach, Ubud

We stumbled across Black Beach while walking the streets of Ubud. It is an Italian restaurant and we are a both a sucker for a good pizza, so we decided to flip through the menu they had out the front. To our surprise and delight they had a bunch of vegan options that were clearly labelled! Vegan pizzas, pastas, curries, desserts and other meals… JACKPOT!


We returned later on for dinner and both ordered the pizza named “vegan” which was topped with fresh tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, mushroom, roasted cherry tomatoes, and parsley. The restaurant itself was large, with two stories that you could dine on. We sat on the top floor which was nice and open and we had some nice street views from above. The staff were very friendly and we received our food quickly. The toppings were fresh & plentiful and the portion size was good.The pizza base was so light and crispy and unlike any I had experienced in Australia. I don’t think there was a sauce base either which was different but I really enjoyed, it gave the pizza a refreshing feel which went well with the fresh tomato and thin and light base.


It was one of the best pizzas I’ve had for sure and love to return if I visit Ubud again.

Check out their website here.

Bamboo, Ubud

Another little gem we stumbled across while walking through the streets of Ubud. The street menu was open onto the “vegan” page which caught our eye and we were so excited to have found an unexpected place with some delicious sounding Asian cuisine so we decided to pop in for lunch.

It had some funky but relaxed decor and was pretty quiet.


I ordered the Nasi Goreng with tempeh and I think my friend ordered the Special Tropical Tofu and we both really enjoyed our meals!  The prices were really good! The only issue would have been the oil factor as it was very oily and the portions were quite small, but for the price they were you could probably order two meals! Haha.


The Spicy Coconut, Seminyak

Let’s just start this off by saying I highly, highly, recommend a visit to The Spicy Coconut when you’re in Seminyak, Bali. It’s 100% vegan and provides amazing food!


We came for breakfast and I ordered the Dragon Delight smoothie bowl and we both ordered the Pandate Pancake stack.


All the food came out, beautifully decorated. It was like edible artwork! The smoothie bowl was a vibrant pink from the dragon fruit and the granola and toppings complimented it perfectly.


The pancakes… oh my gosh, HEAVEN IN OUR MOUTHS. THE best pancakes EVER. They were literal cakes cooked in a pan. Thick, moist and sweet… I wish I could transport back there and re-live the moment.


I loved the decor in the cafe too! It had white wooden furniture which had been made to look a little less “finished” and a bit more “rustic, with cute stools and coloured light shades, I really liked the style of the place.


It was quite small when we visited, but we had a chat with the owner (who is lovely FYI) who was talking about extending the place which I think is a great call and I’m sure they’ll see great results from doing so.

We only spent two days in Seminyak, Sunday and Monday and the cafe is closed Monday’s so we were only able to visit once, but I wish we could have gone again and maybe for lunch to try a burger too!

Open Tuesday – Sunday, 8AM till 4pm, make sure you head in there and prepare your taste buds for amazingness…

Ps. Get the pancakes! haha.

Check out their website here.

Cafe Organic, Seminyak

Cafe Organic is a classic health cafe, you just know there will be something for everyone! They have smoothies, juices, smoothie bowls, burgers etc.




The atmosphere and decor is really modern with good music over the speakers. It’s quite busy though and quite noisy but the staff were very friendly!


We both ordered the Veggie Whopper with roasted pumpkin, salad and onion jam and removed the cheese and aioli to make it vegan (we checked that it’d be vegan if we removed those items) it also came with a side of sweet potato fries. Both the burger and fries were packed full of flavour and we both thoroughly enjoyed it!


I’d definitely like to come back and try something else from their menu one day as their smoothie bowls look beautifully decorated!

Visit their website here.

Divine Earth, Seminyak

A 100 % vegan and mostly raw restaurant. We came here for dinner on our first night in Seminyak. It was very quiet with only one other table occupied. My friend ordered the “Taco Temple” which was corn torillas, black beans and tofu cheese served with guacamole and salsa and I ordered the “Brown Rice Mushroom Passion” which was brown rice, exotic mushrooms, roasted vegetables and shiitake sauce.


With my meal, I envisioned something similar to a risotto and I was quite disappointed when I saw that it came out more like a tasting platter but then I started eating it and all of my disappointments were quickly washed away because everything tasted amazing!! It was so unexpected and I felt very happy I tried it.

They also offer some desserts, juices and smoothies.

My only critique would be the small portion sizes.

View their website here.

Happy Chappy, Seminyak

My friend and I had a hankering for some dumplings because we had never tried them and we were hoping to find some! I stumbled across Happy Chappy and saw that they had some and it was right around the corner from where we were staying!

It was a beautiful Chinese-styled restaurant which was quite large and spacious and it looked super cool and we were excited to dine there!


They give you these cute little hand wipes that come dehydrated and look like mints, and you pop them in the supplied water and they expand into hand wipes! They also give you some tea upon arrival as well.

We asked the staff if their bok choy & red bean steamed buns were vegan and with great success – they were! We also ordered fried rice & chow mien and checked that they were vegan also.

The two mains we ordered were quite oily but still very flavoursome and delicious! The steamed buns… oh, the steamed buns. I’m typing this months after visiting (I’ve been busy and haven’t gotten around to completing this post), but still.. to this day, after trying quite a few different types of steamed buns from different locations (the addiction is real guys) the ones from Happy Chappy are still the best ones I’ve ever had!! I miss them every day haha.



We only stayed in Seminyak for three nights and ended up coming here two nights in a row it was that good!

The staff were very friendly and were excited to see us come in again the following night. The whole experience was a positive one and I wish they had a franchise here in Adelaide!

Visit their website here.

Nalu Bowls, Seminyak

I had been seeing Nalu Bowls all over Instagram and social media and  as soon as we had arrived in Seminyak we got dropped off there.



Unfortunately the taxi driver we had didn’t know where it was as it’s awkwardly tucked down a side street and the address we had was at the end furthest from where they are actually located so it was quite a walk with our suitcases while we were hangry (angry-hungry) and very hot!

We ordered two bowls each. I ordered the Uluwatu which is dragon fruit based and the J Bay which was a banana & peanut butter combo and my friend also ordered the J Bay and the Pipeline which was a tropical combination of banana, pineapple & mango.


They only have a tiny bar to sit at (which was occupied) but there is a cafe directly above them when you’re allowed to sit and they’ll deliver to you up there.

It was a bit of a wait before we got our bowls but when we did they were AMAZING. 10/10 taste. The granola they put on top had cornflakes or something similar in it which made it so incredible!


We went to go back a 2nd time on our last day but they were having issues with their water so unfortunately we missed out! But the staff saw us standing there and didn’t acknowledge that we were there until we asked “are you closed”. So the service wasn’t the greatest, but the food was good!

Visit their website here.

Alchemy, Ubud

We decided to walk to Alchemy… wouldn’t recommend doing so if you’re hangry! It’s quite a trek when you don’t know where you’re going and get lost!

The cafe itself is quite gorgeous and they have a “Make your Own” salad section and a “Make your Own” smoothie bowl section which is where we headed straight to!

You get to pick your smoothie bowl fillings and your smoothie. I picked dragon fruit, strawberries and two types of muesli/granola toppings and had a cashew milk smoothie.


So, so yum!

I wish we had been able to go back to order something from their menu (and to get these bowls again!)

Another must visit on my list!

Check our their website here.

Sea Circus

We came here for lunch on our last day in Seminyak. The cafe had brightly coloured, quirky decor. Their menu wasn’t fully vegan but they were able to cater to our needs and had a few options, both savory & sweet.

We ordered an acai bowl each and I ordered the granola that came with a side of fruit and Mel ordered their veggie burger (I believe they had to make a change to the bread to make it vegan) . We also got a juice each, I ordered the strawberry & lychee and it was honestly the greatest juice ever! Such a delicious combo!


You can view their website here.


The moral of the story is… go to Bali & eat their amazing food! I need to back ASAP to relive it all.

I also vlogged the journey on my YouTube channel so feel free to check out the playlist!



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