Are Tea-Toxes, Skinny Teas, Flat Tummy Teas & Weightloss Diet Shakes a Waste of Money?

There are so many tea toxes and skinny teas available at the moment, it’s ridiculous! Being a blogger and someone with a social media presence, I have received many emails asking if I wish to promote their weightloss or detox teas. The answer is always no.

They will not make you skinny or lose weight in a healthy way. Some contain caffeine which reduces your appetite and gives you false energy and some even go as far as to contain laxatives to make you go to the toilet more frequently and have the food you’re eating go straight through you, which isn’t healthy! This can mean your body isn’t affectively absorbing the nutrients from the food you’re eating and it can also be very bad for your digestive system.

And then of course you have got your meal replacement diet shakes. These have been around for years! “Simply replace 1-3 meals with our “blah blah” shake and you’ll see the weight fall off!” Give me a break, seriously.

Have you noticed that they always say “in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise” The tea  honestly does nothing. It may help with bloating, depending on the tea and it’s ingredients, but it will not help you achieve longterm, healthy weightloss (if you need it). And the shakes are not a long term solution, you cannot purchase and drink diet shakes for the rest of eternity, you’ll go insane!

Just eat a healthy, plant based diet. That means a lot of CARBS, yes carbs! Carbohydrates are the bodies #1 preffered source of energy. Not proteins, not fat! And NO they will not make you fat!! If you base your diet around fruits, vegetables, starches, legumes and grains and eat at least  2100 calories per day for the average female, more if you are active, you will get the required amount of protein required by the human body. It’s also important to include some healthy fats like avocado, nut & seed butter, nuts ect, just consume mostly carbohydrates.

Don’t listen to “skinny teas” or diet shakes and their lies. Just eat whole, plant foods in abundance and you will achieve long term health & a slim figure!

If you have any questions on this topic or about going vegan, please don’t be afraid to email me at

I also have an e-book coming out soon which is basically a How-To book on going vegan. For food ideas, more recipes and vlogs check out my YouTube Channel – just search “everydaysimplehealth”!

2 thoughts on “Are Tea-Toxes, Skinny Teas, Flat Tummy Teas & Weightloss Diet Shakes a Waste of Money?

  1. Haha, I swear they ALL contain laxatives or something similar. I actually tried the whole replacement shakes to try and lose weight, but they are so boring. Give me veggies! ❤


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